Product Design & Prototyping


Our team of skilled engineers has experience with a wide variety of custom-tooling solutions in the marketplace today. Faster cycle times, better part quality, unique mechanical actions and value-added automation are all considered when our team begins your project. The engineering process starts with the electronic transfer of your 2D or 3D part data or the creation of an in-house product design created from your preliminary concepts.

In the case of product design, our engineering staff has the expertise to create mold-friendly part designs. This ability not only reduces tooling and molding costs, but it also can increase the life expectancy of the tooling.

 In today’s fast-paced markets we know the importance of concurrent engineering. Staying up-to-date with the latest design technology allows us to make those changes in a timely fashion. No matter what your software preference is, we will be able to quickly transfer files for your review and approval.


JATCO can use a roster of prototyping options to satisfy your need for advance products. New manufacturing techniques have reduced lead times on molds and in many cases can eliminate the need for prototype parts. If advance parts are needed for your project we can offer several options, either through our in-house capabilities or our close relationship with local service vendors.

Prototyping options include:

  • SLA or FD models
  • Vacuum-cast polyurethane parts
  • Machined and fabricated parts
  • SLA, aluminum, or mild steel single-cavity mold
  • Advanced one cavity in multi-cavity production molds


Product Design and Engineering

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