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As they say, “You ought to be in pictures”…so JATCO decided to serve as a corporate partner for Catalyst Connection’s annual video contest: “What’s so cool about Manufacturing.”  We are proud to announce that our school partner is Sto-Rox’s Junior High.  As part of the contest, the Sto-Rox team’s of students will be creating a short, 2:30 minute video that explains why they think that manufacturing is cool and rewarding.

Instead of focusing on the manufacture of a widget or single product, JATCO, a well-known manufacturer of injection molds for plastic, is working with the Sto-Rox students to see how:

  • the plastic industry creates a wide range products for both consumer and industrial use
  • the Pittsburgh region has a major role in the plastic industry

Present and Future in Plastics

The future is in “plastics,” as the movie The Graduate states. From coffee filters to tool handles, respirator parts to coasters, car parts to water and gas meter components, plastics are literally everywhere. However, in spite of their ubiquity, not everyone understand the processes that create many of these products. Visits to the JATCO shop provide the students with the opportunity to speak with JATCO’s staff and introduce the Sto-Rox students to everything from mold making, to production processes, to the materials needed, etc.  As an added bonus the students are exposed to the other services JATCO offers including laser marking, precision machining, and laser welding.

Plastics in the Pittsburgh Region

In addition to plastic manufacture and materials, the students are learning about the significant role that Pittsburgh region plays in the plastic industry.  The Pittsburgh region is home to

  • research and development labs studying new resins, compounds and other plastic materials
  • plastic mold makers
  • plants that create high density polyethylene and polystyrene
  • Manufacturing facilities that manufacture a range of industrial and consumer goods.

Industrial Workforce Development

JATCO believes that working with schools on this type project is a great way to introduce students to

  • manufacturing processes
  • the types of jobs available
  • skills and education requirements

Given the ongoing challenges of finding enough qualified workers, programs like this give students the opportunity to visit shop floors and perhaps find a future in skilled trades.

The students also get to learn about video production a skill that many companies need with the ongoing rise of video-based marketing on the net. The Sto-Rox Students completed video will be seen at the award ceremony hosted by Catalyst Connection in Spring 2023.

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Ed Sikora talking with Sto-Rox Team about the plastics industry

Sto-Rox Team interviewing JATCO staff on the shop floor

Sto-Rox Video Team

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