Mold Repair and Maintenance

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Already have a mold or die? We can work on it. We do warranty work and tool refurbishment, as well as more extensive reworks from badly damaged or crashed tools. We can often repair existing molds and bring them back up to specifications, saving customers from the high cost of new tooling. If another injection molding facility has not properly maintained certain tooling, or did not adequately design the tooling, we can diagnose the issues and suggest viable options.

For engineering changes, the mold can often be modified by first modeling the change in a CAD program and then applying the new features to the tooling itself. Tooling costs are minimized while customers can achieve maximum return on their initial tooling investment.

Older or transfer tooling is often acquired without proper documentation and drawings. JATCO has the ability to complete reverse engineering in an effort to update the customer file, as well as begin work on the tooling.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of keeping a plastic injection mold in good working condition. Many times molders do not have the time or the capabilities to perform proper tool maintenance. JATCO offers a variety of preventative maintenance programs and services for precision injection molds. Whether it is in-house or onsite, JATCO can help keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently throughout the life of the tool.

Mold Repair Modification

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