Laser Welding

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Laser welding is the most technologically advanced form of small component welding. JATCO’s laser welding equipment allows us to weld together small components such as robotic and medical assemblies. Laser welding is also used to add material to repair tooling components such as cavities, cores, punches and gates. 

Our in-house capabilities allow JATCO to begin repairs immediately, which often reduces lead times from days to just hours. In addition to speed, JATCO’s laser welding offers two principle benefits:

  1. Ability to match material-specific filler rods to maintain material composition throughout.
  2. Thermal distortion and metallurgical changes are minimized since just enough heat to melt and fuse the materials is all that is required to complete a weld.

Types of Laser Welding JATCO Offers

Laser welding can be used for deep and thin/narrow welds by selecting either a continuous or pulsed laser beam. The seams created are often smoother, reducing or eliminating the need for grinding and straightening of the completed welds. The high quality of JATCO’s welds makes laser welding ideal for a wide variety of tasks including:

  • Restoring worn cavity edges with new materials
  • Fixing damaged core features
  • Replacing washed out mold gates
  • Replacing mold vents
  • Assembling small components such as robotic and medical assemblies

In more general terms, laser welding can be used for the following types of welds:

  • Butt welds
  • Filler lap welds
  • Overlap welds
  • Edge flange welds

Materials JATCO can Laser Weld

Not only is laser welding high tech, it can also be used with a wide variety of materials including:

  • Mild steel*
  • Carbon steel*
  • Stainless steel*
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Combinations of the materials listed above

*Welding rods are available for most steel grades

JATCO’s Equipment

JATCO uses an HTS Mobile laser system. This system is powerful, reliable and flexible. The laser’s welding position can be determined to a precision of 0.1”. JATCO can use welding rods as small as 0.010” diameter. The unit’s swiveling arm easily adapts to the needed work, minimizing the amount of set up time. JATCO is also equipped with a rotary indexer to accommodate welding on round pieces in a continuous flow.

laser butt weld assembly of 0.250inch diameter tubes

Component assembly using laser butt welding of ¼ in diameter components

JATCO technician completing laser repair

JATCO technician performing a Laser repair to damage on a precision ground plate

Laser Edge repair to worn edge using 0.015” diameter welding rod

Laser edge repair with 0.15 rod. JATCO added material to repair a worn edge using 0.015 diameter H-13 steel rod

round part laser weld

Detail of finished laser weld on a round part.

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