Insert & Two Shot Moldings

Insert Molding

JATCO can supply all your insert molding needs. Whether your project calls for a horizontal press, a vertical press or a shuttle/rotary press we can design and build a system that will optimize your production.

Insert molding allows manufacturers to add a layer or cover of plastic around a pre-formed component. “Inserts” can be a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, even other plastics. These inserts are placed in a mold and plastic is injected into the mold to coat areas of the insert in the required shape. This process allows manufacturers to create finished products or parts made of multiple materials.

The use of insert molds to complete a part or product can save time, labor and money. Insert molding benefits include:

  • Lowering assembly and labor cost
  • Reducing part weight and size
  • Manufacturing more consistent products
  • Increasing part strength and durability

Insert mold are used by a wide range of industries and can be used to produce quality components including

  • Electronic components
  • Sensors
  • Medical Devices
  • Housewares
  • Hand Tools
  • Handles and knobs

JATCO has over 40 years of experience creating plastic molds. We can design and build a mold system that will optimize your production and improve your product’s quality. What can we build for you today?

Two Shot Molding

2-shot molding goes by several different names including dual shot, multi-shot and overmolding. No matter what you call them, double-shot molds require an experienced design and mold building team.

While the idea is relatively simple, building the molds requires a high-tolerance mindset and thorough understanding of how resins and substrates will react during the process. For example:

  • Will the materials bond chemically or will a mechanical lock between the two components be required?
  • If the materials have different melt temperatures which shot needs to be completed first and how does that affect the mold design
  • Will the first shot maintain its integrity through the rest of the process?
  • How do the mold’s gates need to be designed to achieve the best result?

Though these molds are more expensive than their single-shot counterparts they offer benefits that easily balance the initial cost both in terms of the cost to manufacture and quality of the finished piece. These benefits include:

  • Part consolidation. By reducing the number of components required for a finished piece, 2-shot molds reduce the engineering, validation, inventory, and tracking costs associated with multiple part numbers.
  • Improved Efficiency.Multi-shot molding reduces the amount of labor required to fabricate and then join /weld individual components because a part with multiple elements can be created in a single mold
  • Improved Quality and Appearance. Components created with 2 shot mold manufacturing allow for lower tolerances and provide better opportunities for accuracy, repeatability, and lower rejection rates since a single mold is used for multiple processes.
  • Complex Molds. 2-shot injection molds make it easier to create complex products that require different materials for functionalities that would difficult if not impossible, to create with traditional molding.

Double shot molds are used in a wide range of industries including medical, automotive and consumer goods. JATCO can supply all your 2-shot molding needs. Whether your project calls for rotary platen or movable core, we can design and build a system that will optimize your production.

Insert Molding

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