In-Mold Decorating

In-Mold Decorating

JATCO is experienced in flat or formed construction and able to offer services for a variety of film-insert molding (FIM). Used in applications such as handheld electronic devices and components in automobile dashboards, in-mold decorating rewards the end-user with a high quality, long lasting product.

Because of the protective surface that is created when the printed overlay is bonded with the molding resin, this second-surface process adds a dimension of durability not found in first-surface pad printed parts. The graphics are virtually scratch resistant. All printing of graphics is done to the back, or second surface, providing the ultimate protection from scratching and peeling. 

Because of JATCO’s experience and in-house tooling capabilities, we are able to develop all three tools required for this process. Once again, providing you with shorter lead times and faster time to market. 

In Mold Decorating

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