Precision Machining Services

Precision machined parts. Your go-to partner for all of your machining needs.

Precision Machining Services

JATCO's Precision Machining Group specializes in high precision metal and plastic machining for your critical application components:

  • CNC Milling - allows JATCO to machine extremely complex surfaces from a variety of materials
  • Multi-axis/Spindle CNC Turning - produces parts with complex geometries and increases productivity by minimizing the number of machine setups.
  • EDM – creates parts with complex shapes that are difficult to achieve with traditional machining and/or on particularly hard materials. JATCO has both Wire (WEDM) and Ram/Sinker (REDM) EDM equipment.

Drawing on our history as tool & die makers we offer unequalled attention to detail and a close tolerance mindset. By offering the highest quality in high-speed machining capabilities we stand ready to become your go-to partner for challenging machining jobs and your critical application component projects. 

JATCO uses CAD/CAM Software, since it is the best way to develop a comprehensive manufacturing strategy. We can work from your own files or build them for you. 

High Speed Milling Services

Our evolution into precision machining is a direct result of our experience with plastic molds. Mold building provides us with the expertise to understand complex and difficult-to-machine surfaces. 

We perform vertical milling with state-of-the-art machining centers. Our capabilities range from general milling to extremely complex surface milling. The high spindle speeds permitted by our sophisticated CNC machines and tooling provide surface finishes to 6 µin (0.15 µm) in hardened materials. We have experience with a wide variety of materials including:

  • Stainless
  • Aluminum and Brass
  • Hardened tool steel
  • Inconel
  • Peek
  • Ultem
  • Vespel

Precision Turning Services

Our turning department specializes in advanced 3-axis operations with live tooling and we are able to achieve surface finishes to 4 µin (0.10 µm). We can accommodate nearly any small to medium turning project, whether it's a miniature part or something 6 inches in dimeter. We have a complete array of CNC turn-mill parts. We can turn

  • bearing fits
  • tapers
  • radius blends
  • threading
  • grooving

Once the lathe work is done, our live tooling can then finish the part complete including keyways, drilled and tapped holes on either the ends or the body in a "once and done" environment

Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a metal removal process in which thousands of electrical discharges per second occur between an electrode and the workpiece in a dielectric fluid. It has the effect of vaporizing metal in a very small, controlled area. 

Our craftsmen use both sinker and wire EDMs to cut complex shapes and tapered holes with extremely tight tolerances. Programmable CNC controls and electrode machining enable stable accurate machining at breakneck speeds. These capabilities allows us to accommodate quick-turn projects with aggressive deadlines.

About Machining Metal and Plastics

Plastic Machining

Our experience with plastics provides us with the expertise to understand how plastics will react when milled and how they can be used as components of larger products. 

Our high-speed milling tools allow us to work quickly, carefully and make sure that your finished parts won’t suffer from defects due overheating. We often use techniques such as balanced machining to reduce warping. JATCO’s high speed equipment means that pieces are completed with smooth surfaces minimizing the need for additional finishing work. We also understand that larger tolerances are required for thermoplastic parts because of this material’s thermal expansion ranges and higher elasticity.

Making plastic components has distinct advantages including

  • reduced finishing requirements
  • faster production
  • lighter weight of finished piece
  • chemical/corrosion resistance.

Milled plastic pieces are a good option if the finished component will not be adversely affected by plastics’ limited wear resistance or need to bear significant structural strength. 

Metal Machining

Our work in metal machining is a direct result of our experience making plastic molds. Plastic molds are usually created from metals such as steel, aluminum or copper alloys. Producing molds has given us the opportunity to hone our metal machining and fabrication skills. JATCO is used to producing high quality pieces which require low tolerances and complex shapes. Metal fabrication for critical components has advantages such as:

  • heat resistance
  • improved strength
  • durability
  • processing versatility

The strength of metal and its value as a component material is however complicated by its needs for secondary processes such as heat treatments, deburring, and, in some cases, corrosion.

Product Design Services

JATCO will partner with you to determine the best materials to use and the best way to fabricate your component for your next project because in addition to machining services we provide design services. Our team will work with you to:

  • Convert design ideas to prototypes
  • Reverse engineer an older product
  • Evolve/improve a new product

We not only make your design ideas real, we take manufacturability and final use into account. Our team and facilities will partner with you on your project, whether it is low or high volume, simple or complex, and creating a prototype for further development.

Get started today

In order to start your machining project, we need the following:

  • Materials to be used and preferred supplier/source
  • Finished dimensions
  • Features needed
  • Tolerances
  • Drawings
  • Number of pieces needed
  • Finishing services required
machined component for Kohler Plumbing

Precision machining example: Component for Kohler Plumbing

machined component for Silgan Plastics

Precision machining example: Component for Silgan Plastics

gear cavity created with turning, wire EDM

Gear cavity component for a larger project, this piece was machined using a turning center and wire EDM

high speed milling, precision machining

JATCO has a variety of machining centers, including high speed milling centers

molded core piece, demonstrating turning, RAM EDM

Mold core piece demonstrating JATCO's skill with both turning and RAM EDM

Injection Mold and Precision Machining Specialists

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