Global Tooling

Lower cost options without the risk: program management and the warranty of a JATCO built mold.

At JATCO we realize the cost-saving advantage of offshore tooling. The evolving marketplace has opened opportunities from around the world with the simple click of a button. In today's highly competitive market, price pressures often dictate that tooling is produced offshore. It is not surprising that offshore production can yield a significant reduction in mold costs.

We have a growing list of partnerships in countries such as:

  • Portugal
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • India

Local Expertise with International Competitiveness

JATCO can help you navigate the confusion of countless off-shore tooling options. We can ensure that you are getting the best quality at a great price for your project. No matter where you decide to have your project tooled, we can make it a seamless experience with continued local management and support.

Our Global Tooling Service Includes:

  • Subcontracting the mold construction to a partner mold shop
  • Initiating the design process and maintaining all drawing files
  • Ensuring U.S. standards are applied for all mold components
  • Ensuring all steel is supplied, certified and heat-treated by leading tool steel suppliers
  • Overseeing mold construction
  • Providing on-site inspections when required
  • Simplifying all import and tariff procedures
  • Delivering JATCO’s traditional support and maintenance
Global Tooling Solutions

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