RCO (Rapid Change Over) Mold Systems

JATCO is a leading supplier of RCO (Rapid Change Over) Mold Systems.

This system was originally developed for resin suppliers and compounders and allows for the standardization of test-specimen molding. Developed in 1989, RCO (Rapid Change Over) Mold Systems are a flexible test-mold system designed to comply with the internationally accepted ISO standards.

The heart of the RCO (Rapid Change Over) System system is the main frame, which installs in the injection molding machine. At JATCO, RCO (Rapid Change Over) System frames are supplied using pre-hard 420SS. The frame contains the main ejection system, water brackets and quick-release levers.

8 Second Mold Changes

One advantage, is speed. A typical RCO (Rapid Change Over) System insert can be changed in as little as 8 seconds, eliminating the need for material purging. The system can be further optimized using a separate water pre-heat station.

Molders are currently doing as many as 30 mold changes in an 8-hour shift. JATCO will be glad to discuss your specific application and how we can work together to streamline your operation. We know that time is valuable, and we strive to help you think outside of the box to save time, resources and money.

Watch a JATCO mold change in action!

RCO (Rapid Change Over) System Frame

RCO (Rapid Change Over) System Selections and Technical Specifications

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